Road Improvement Between Uelincu-Pandjoka Village

29-03-2018 | By : Arkora Hydro

Arkora Hydro is really committed to the social responsibility aspect in all of our project sites. The presence of Arkora Hydro in Tomasa mini hydropower plant has led to the social and economic positive improvement for the local communities, in this case the people in Uelincu and Pandjoka village.
A 4 kilometers road connecting Uelincu and Pandjoka village has been upgraded, allowing easier access for local community members. These villages source of income are cacao, coffee and pine sap farming. Prior to the upgrade, it will be very hard to go through that road during rainy season. With better infrastructure, the economy of the people in Uelincu and Pandjoka village will be improved. Arkora Hydro believes that building local communities is one of the key to sustainable progress.