Forest Revegetation of Cikopo Project Area

03-12-2017 | By : Arkora Hydro

Arkora Hydro has demonstrated ongoing environmental responsibility throughout the planning, construction and operational period of the Cikopo-2 mini hydro power plant, with the recent commencement of an extensive revegetation program aiding their long term commitment.

An area of 11,496 m2 was revegetated with 1,400 native shrubs and trees in November 2017. Four planting areas nearby the penstock, access road and powerhouse of the project were selected for this planting program, with the majority of the areas being quite steep, rocky terrain. Through the careful reintroduction of these native plant species, the local biodiversity will be boosted with native animals and organisms encouraged to return and inhabit the area as the vegetation develops and shelter, food and resources increase. A team of local employees conducted the planting process, with the selection of native plants grown from seed, and the use of staked protection and manure to ensure each plant has the opportunity to settle and prosper.

This will have a multitude of positive effects on the regional ecosystem, including the eventual recovery of the natural food cycle, the creation of habitat for threatened and endangered plant and animal species, a decrease in erosion and aquatic sedimentation, slope protection/minimisation of landslide risk, and an overall increase in the aesthetics of the local area.  Arkora Hydro has shown a strong approach to the sustainability of the local environment, with further stages of revegetation and other environmental measures planned for other areas of the Cikopo-2 hydropower plant.