Arkora Hydro – Leading the way in sustainability

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. By striving to ensure sustainable development, we are able to maintain a delicate balance between the need to improve lifestyle and wellbeing of current generations, whilst preserving natural resources and ecosystems that we, and future generations depend for the longevity of health and comfortable living. This is a continually improving process, particularly so with the rise of knowledge through modern technology and science, thus the devotion and application to sustainable development has never been more important.

Arkora Hydro is proud to be committed to renewable and sustainable energy production at a time of global shift and urgency in energy production as the impacts of human induced climate change become more and more evident. Sustainable energy is produced from sources that are quickly and naturally replenished by the earth on a human timescale, such as water, wind and sunlight, and can be used without any significant detrimental impact on the environment. Sustainability is integral to the development of all of our hydropower projects, with strong emphasis placed on the respect towards the management of the local environment and the best interests of the local communities.


Respect the environment

At Arkora Hydro, we realise that while the natural Indonesian landscape is abundant with areas of potential hydropower development, harnessing this sustainable power must be done in such a manner that limits the impacts of the project on the environment. The mitigation of impacts on the environment are essential for the responsible management of all projects.

Respect for the natural environment and sustainability are key throughout the development and construction process, so, when possible, any potentially negative impact is avoided. There are many local, national and international environmental standards and requirements that must be upheld throughout the life of a hydropower plant, it is our moral responsibility and desire to promote this important practice. Environmental assessment of each site is at the forefront of every stage of project development, beginning with initial potential impact assessment and the further assessment and evaluation during project construction, with the introduction of appropriate project adjustments when required. Additionally, the minimization of any other adverse impacts is regulated through mitigation, compensation and the long term environmental management of the region. This Environmental commitment and management plan, is implemented through long term monitoring and reporting programs to ensure that projects meet compliance and the impacts continue to be assessed well into the operational phase.


Building local communities is the key to success

We regard the development of strong, healthy relationships with local groups and communities as essential for the successful implementation and acceptance of projects, particularly in the remote regional areas that our run-of-river hydro power plants typically lie. The will of these communities to embrace change is paramount in the development process, without acceptance and involvement many projects will not move beyond the planning stage. Through local employment, improvement of infrastructure, access to healthcare and economy growth, Arkora Hydro promotes the benefits of our projects for local communities.

Social acceptability and engagement are vital for the establishment of a strong sense of cohesion between Arkora Hydro and the public through partnerships that comprise the sharing of information, consultation, management of risk and project inclusion. By adhering to our high standards of social commitment, we anticipate that local communities can be positively affected and influenced by the project not only during construction, but throughout the entire operational period.


Creating wealth for stakeholders and communities

From a fiscal standpoint, Arkora Hydro is in the business of building quality renewable energy assets and operating them for a very long time. In doing so we construct roads and increase power supply in the areas in which we operate - both of which are markers for economic development. On a national scale, our efforts in renewable energy also lower economic dependence on fuel and coal generated energies. Arkora is proud to be a leader in the development, building and operation of high quality, durable sustainable assets to drive responsible energy production that optimizes planet, people and profit.

The ability to produce clean, renewable energy as an independent company allows the creation of an abundance of employment opportunities as well as the knowledge that it can be profitable to care for our environment and assist communities to thrive. We recognize the connection between the development of renewable energy assets and the economic development of local communities especially in remote areas of indigenous communities and cultural heritage. We share the economic benefits generated by our activities with these local communities in a variety of ways, including development and investment of infrastructure such as roads and schools.