In Operation

Cikopo MHPP

Cikopo project is a run-of-river hydro power plant approximately 220 km from Jakarta. The site is fully operational as of March 2017 with an installed capacity of 7.4 MW and an estimated annual energy output of 52,000 MWh.

The majority of the Cikopo catchment area is located within a protected forest, allowing for more stable discharge through out the year. The design discharge is 3.2 m3/sec with 264 meters of net head. The elevation of the weir is 1,154 meters above sea level and the diverted water is then channeled along an open canal for 1,520 meters to a fore bay tank before entering 960 meters of penstock. Two units of Wasserkraft Volk AG pelton turbines are used for this power plant.

Detail Project


7.4 MW


In Operation


West Java

Net Head

264 Meter

Turbine Type

Vertical Pelton Turbine

Turbine Manufacture

Wasserkraft Volk AG