PT Arkora Hydro Tbk targets two new projects to operate commercially in the next two years

22-11-2023 | By : Arkora Hydro , JAKARTA - UNTR Group, PT Arkora Hydra Tbk. (ARKO) targets two new projects to operate commercially in the next two years. 

Arkora Hydro President Director Aldo Artoko said the two projects would support the growth of ARKO's electricity production. The projects in question are the Yaentu Project in Central Sulawesi and the Kukusan Project located in Lampung. 

"It is hoped that COD will contribute to the EBT mix in the near future," he said in a public presentation, Wednesday (22/11/2023).  

In more detail, the Yaentu Project is located in Poso, Central Sulawesi and has a capacity of 10 MW. This project is targeted to operate in the second quarter of 2024, with expected electricity production of 62,476 MWh per year. 

To date, the progress of the Yaentu Project has reached 95.5% and is in the turbine and generator installation stage. 

The next project is Kukusan which is located in Lampung. Later, this project with a capacity of 5.4 MW will contribute electricity of 62,476 MWh per year. So far, the progress of this project has reached 7.7% and COD is targeted in the third quarter of 2025. 

"By the end of 2024, we are targeting project progress of 80%," said Aldo.  Meanwhile, currently ARKO has two projects that are operational, namely the Cikopo II and Tomasa Projects. Cikopo II is located in Garut with an installed capacity of 7.4 MW. Throughout 2022, this project will produce 53,3679 MWh of electricity.

Then the Tomasa Project is in Poso with an installed capacity of 10 MW while for 2022, electricity production will be 60,735 MWh. 

ARKO predicts electricity production throughout 2023 will be 107,581 MWh. With the operation of the Yaentu Project, in 2024 the production assumption will reach 139,819 MWh. 

Electricity production will also increase in 2025 with the operation of the Kukusan Project. In 2025, the Astra Group's electricity production assumption is around 177,510 MWh. 

Author: Artha Adventy

Editor: Pandu Gumilar

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